Rustic Peppermint Baby Bath Soak

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This organic and 100% Natural Bath Soak is a nourishing and gentle formulation designed with delicate skin in mind, especially for babies. Soften and cleanse your baby in a completely natural bath soak with no harsh chemicals, soaps or nasties. The ingredients will sooth, protect and gently clean without the need for surfactants or bubbles. 

Directions: Add up to 1 tablespoon to a small tub and allow the ingredients to gently cleanse and soften your baby’s skin. Use a soft cloth to clean your baby.

Ingredients: *Tapioca starch, *Arrowroot Powder, *Dried Coconut, Natural Coconut Milk Powder     * Denotes Certified Organic

This soak is also great for adults too. It is extremely gentle and leaves the skin feeling super soft. An amazing natural alternative to soap.