Ava Lola Organics Supplies Australia with Pregnancy Nipple Pads and Reusable, Washable, and Fabric Breast Pads

Pregnancy brings with it several changes in the body. Over 40 weeks, a mother’s body changes to not only grow a beautiful life but also to sustain that life with breastmilk once the baby is born. Part of breastmilk production includes times when the mother’s body is not necessarily in sync with the needs of the baby. Leakage is bound to happen.

With this understanding and experience, we supply pregnant and nursing mothers with a full line of reusable and washable breast pads in Australia.

The Importance of Breast Pads for a Pregnant or Nursing Mother

As you have gotten further along in your pregnancy, you have undoubtedly noticed significant changes in your breasts. This is because your breasts are changing exactly as they need to so they can produce breastmilk.

While you are still pregnant, your body will begin to produce colostrum. Colostrum production typically happens during the last trimester of pregnancy and contains antibodies that can help your newborn fight disease. Colostrum, just like regular breastmilk, can cause leaking. Pregnancy nipple pads are a great asset to have once your body starts producing colostrum to catch the leaks before liquid seeps through to your bra or shirt.

Nursing mothers face similar problems. A mother does not have control over exactly when her body will produce breastmilk, and while your baby may be on somewhat of a schedule, any mother knows that schedule can easily change. That change is an example of when leaks strike.

How to Properly Use Reusable Breast Pads in Australia

Breast pads become an essential part of any nursing mother’s daily life. There are breast pads that come in disposable forms, but these options tend to not always be the safest choice, as they may include chemicals that only allow them to be safely used for short periods.

Reusable, washable, and fabric breast pads are a great alternative if you are looking for a breast pad that is eco-friendly and cost-effective. There are a few ways to keep these reusable pads in good condition. Maintain your breast pads by changing a pad as soon as it gets wet. Maintain a supply so you don’t have to rely on a small number. When applying a breast pad, ensure both the pad and your breast is dry, then secure the pad to the cup of your bra. Follow included washing instructions carefully so you can keep getting the most use out of your breast pads.

Let Us Be Your Source for All Your Breast Pad Needs

Ava Lola Organics was created by mothers who understand and experienced the struggles that can come along with breast leakage first-hand. We offer natural and organic options to you because we realise how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle so you can provide your baby with the best breastfeeding experience every time you nurse. Get in touch for more information about our breast pad options or call us on 07 5514 0765.