In need of a pregnancy gift idea? Ava Lola Organics has the perfect pregnancy gift box in Australia

Every mum-to-be knows that going through pregnancy doesn’t have to be scary. It’s an exciting and wonderful time for you to bond with your unborn child. Not to mention all the daydreaming about how perfect it will be once the little one arrives. However, before the spoiling of your baby begins, you need to take extra good care of yourself. We all know pregnancy can be uncomfortable, so make it easier by spoiling yourself or someone you know who is going through this wonderful journey. Ava Lola Organics have the ideal pregnancy gift box in Australia.

Buy the perfect pregnancy gift box at Ava Lola Organics

It’s important to enjoy your pregnancy from start to finish. Ava Lola organics have the perfect pregnancy gift ideas, for friends, family or even yourself. During your second trimester, you may begin to see more of a baby bump. Your body will begin to ache and you may experience dizziness or light-headedness among a few other symptoms. You will also feel your baby developing a sleeping pattern and begin to move around. It’s very exciting for mum-to-be.

We have a special pregnancy gift box, perfect for the second and third trimesters. Included in each one is:

  • 20 Pregnancy tea bags
  • 15ml of body oil
  • Rose and geranium soak by Harvest Bliss
  • 50g of lavender foot soak
  • Pink lavender face mask
  • A bamboo beauty brush
  • A gift card which can be personalised at checkout

Relax when you get the chance to now because after baby comes life gets so busy we forget to take care of ourselves. Sending someone a pregnancy gift box in Australia is a wonderful way to remind her that she is worth the pampering and should enjoy every minute of it.

Tips for a healthy pregnancy

Besides lathering your body in oils and bath soaks you should take the time to exercise and eat healthily. Drink a lot of water and consume enough food to sustain both you and your precious baby. At Ava Lola Organics we want to support mums throughout their pregnancies, from start to finish and beyond, by giving you the purest of products. Our body oils and face masks assist with dry skin and blemishes which often occur while pregnant. It’s a natural and beautiful thing to have your body go through such a process, and our aim is to make it heavenly.

Our products are sourced from Australian businesses and small business mums who share our views and believe that a natural and organic lifestyle is beyond beneficial to their families’ lives. By using these kinds of products it can aid in healing skin damage, reducing skin sensitivity or reactions and can cause fewer irritations.

Our products are all breastfeeding and pregnancy friendly. If you have any questions or feedback on our pregnancy gift box or any other product, feel free to send us a message on our Facebook page. Our website is user friendly and offers free shipping over a certain amount, making it affordable for any mum to be.