Keep your baby warm with a pop ya tot swaddle blanket

Strolling through the park, with your baby in the pram is one of life's treasured moments. Every mother wants that quality time with their baby, out and about among the crowds with their little one wrapped in a pop ya tot swaddle blanket. Ava Lola Organics is committed to making both mummy and baby happy at all times, whether it’s with essential oils, creams and bath soaks – or the perfect swaddle blanket to keep your little one warm and stylish. It is the perfect gift for any mum to be.

You’ve seen it flood your Facebook and Instagram feeds, all your friends with their newborn babies all cuddled up and wrapped snuggly like a burrito. We’ve all had one, it’s been iconic for any baby for over sixty years. Yes, the swaddle blanket is a necessity when you have a newborn. They are breathable and recreate the warmth of the womb, giving your baby the best possible sense of comfort. It will keep them happy which will, in turn, keep any mum happy.

Pop ya tot is a Japanese-inspired muslin for your newborn. It’s on trend and perfect for your baby and pram, to provide shade or comfort. A baby’s need to breastfeed can and will occur at any moment, especially in the early stages of life, your baby can be completely unpredictable. That’s why it’s always handy to have a pop ya tot swaddle blanket with you. It works wonders for covering up in public places.

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