What You Need to Know About Reusable Breast Pads and Where to Find Organic Pregnancy Products and Baby Shower Gifts in Australia

If you are pregnant or a nursing mum, you have likely experienced some leakage of milk from your breasts. Unexpected let-down or leakage is a common and normal occurrence, but it can cause inconvenience and even embarrassment if you aren’t prepared. There are many breast pads (or nursing pads) on the market that can help conceal leaks and save your clothes, but how do you know which ones are right for you – and how to use them properly?

Why are breast pads used?

Near the end of your pregnancy and during the early days or breastfeeding, your body is hard at work preparing to produce enough milk to nourish your baby. Until you and your baby have established a reliable feeding schedule, your breasts may release milk without warning and usually when you least expect it. However, even once your milk production and your baby’s feeding schedule have become more regulated, your breasts can still leak unexpectedly, and this can happen from time to time for as long as you breastfeed.

Breast pads are essential products for any nursing mother to have because they absorb this leaked milk, keeping it from soaking your shirt and leaving damp areas on your chest. Breast milk also contains a significant amount of healthy fat that helps keep your baby healthy, so breast milk can wet not only your shirt or dress but also leave stains. Breast pads keep your clothes dry and protected.

How to use organic breast pads

Using organic breast pads in Australia is extremely easy and convenient. Make sure that the breast pad is clean and dry before using; also make sure that your nipple is dry before inserting a clean pad into your bra. Apply a soothing nipple balm before applying the pad if your nipples are irritated. Secure the pad in the cup of your bra, centring over your nipple and wedging it between your breast and bra. If the pad shows under your clothes, you may want to wear a thicker or padded bra to conceal it better. Once the pad becomes damp, replace it with a clean, dry one. When you go out, carry a supply of fresh pads and a plastic bag for transporting wet pads until you can wash them at home. Wash your breast pads according to the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure that they dry completely. Avoid fabric softeners as these can decrease the absorbency of your breast pads.

Where to find organic breast pads in Australia

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