Leakage Problems A Thing of the Past - Buy Breast Pads in Australia Online at Ava Lola Organics

If you want to breastfeed your baby once it's born, you'll consider yourself blessed if your milk production starts rapidly and you have enough food for your little one. What to do, however, if you realise after a few days, that you are producing so well that you'd be able to supply every baby in the vicinity with milk? It's comforting to know that your baby will grow well with plenty of food, but you'll also need an abundant supply of absorbent breast pads.

They will catch any embarrassing leakages which often occur in between feedings because the pressure in your breasts increases too much. Leaking can also happen while you're busy feeding. The breast which you're not offering to your baby leaks as if it's determined to show the other one how to do its job. Buy breast pads—they'll come in handy.

Be friendly to the environment and buy breast pads at Ava Lola Organics

You don't look forward to constantly purchasing a multitude of unattractive "coffee pads". While there is no reason to feel shy when ordering them at the chemist's counter, you do feel a bit awkward. Besides, if you're a heavy leaker, most standard breast pads are too thin anyway. They get filled too quickly, and in turn, start leaking. The effect becomes rapidly visible on your dress or shirt—not ideal for many reasons.

On top of this, it doesn't sit well with you that most breast pads have a negative impact on the environment. Possibly, using disposable diapers already gnaws at your conscience, and you don't want to make matters worse. You'll be delighted to know that Ava Lola Organics offers easy-to-wash reusable breast pads. Australia's environment fares well with these.

Breastfeeding made easy with Ava Lola Organics breast pads

The breast pads online at Ava Lola Organics are made of soft bamboo. This makes them easy to wash and wear, while they're always gentle on your skin. Our reusable breast pads absorb well from day one, but their absorption becomes optimal after you've washed them a few times. You'll find they sit wonderfully snug. You won't notice them, and neither will anyone else, since they're completely invisible under your clothes. Most of all, when they get wet, it doesn't feel cold.

Some extra tips:

  • While we agree that our environment is precious, if you are an extremely heavy leaker, you may want to combine our reusable breast pads with disposable ones as a back-up. Once your milk production stabilises, after 6 to 8 months, you can suffice with washable pads.
  • Are you going out? Always carry enough extra sets of breast pads with you. Most of our breast pads come with a discreet pouch in playful colours. Never forget to pack a clean shirt as well.
  • Does your milk production grow out of proportion at night? Cut a clean maternity pad in two and put this inside your bra.
  • Are you yearning to sleep without a bra? Cover your breasts with a thick and soft towel which you fold in two.

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