Ava Lola organics for your post pregnancy, newborn gift packs and baby care products online

Coming home from the hospital with your newborn baby is a wonderful thing, especially when you know that you have all the products needed to take care of them. Welcome to the world of motherhood, and a beautiful experience: to now and forevermore be called mum. You can, at Ava Lola Organics, buy all the baby care products online you need, so that you can take care of your little one and still be able to do your shopping. Our natural approach to raising our families is what brought us to start Ava Lola Organics so that we can share all the great natural products we have discovered with you.

Newborn gift pack and post pregnancy products to keep both mother and baby happy

Our newborn gift pack has all the luxuries, to soothe and nurture a baby’s delicate skin. This pack includes:

  • A swaddle sack: A stretch jersey material sleep sack
  • Bath soak: A powder added to your newborn’s bath for a natural and soft cleanse
  • Baby oil: To hydrate your baby’s delicate skin
  • Baby dust: Perfect to prevent chafing and to absorb sweat to keep the skin dry.

Babies have incredibly sensitive skin which requires special care. A happy baby makes for a happy mum, but you still need some pampering too. When your newborn is sleeping take a tea break with a raspberry leaf blend or a rejuvenating bath soak to relax for that small window of time you have to yourself. There are an abundance of post pregnancy products, so choose those that will make you feel pampered.

Post-pregnancy tricks for a smiling infant

After a couple of weeks with your newborn, things will start to become more predictable. You’ll be able to focus a little more on yourself in addition to your baby. Now, because you can predict roughly when and how long your baby will sleep for, you can prepare for her feeding ahead of time by getting everything you need set up, such as a nursing pad, perhaps some cookies and milk, and nipple balm for after. This will help you reduce your stress levels because you feel more in control.

A baby likes the warmth of sleeping on their mum or dad too, so a swaddle sack is perfect for a newborn to snuggle up and be warm in their cribs without waking up as soon as you put them down. We have a variety of colours of swaddle sacks available for both boys and girls. This is included in the newborn gift pack. We have adorable headbands for you to purchase too, because how cute will they be on your baby girl!

Buy baby care products online at Ava Lola organics for the ultimate natural and soothing ingredients. Wonderful for your baby’s skin, our products are sourced from small Australian businesses who share our values by providing organic and natural products to the world. Find us online to shop for all your essentials. We offer free shipping over a certain amount and can be contacted through our Facebook page where you can feel free to send us feedback and any ideas you may have.