Ava Lola Organics Offers a Breastfeeding Box, Gift Options, and Products Online for New Moms in Australia

A leading concern for a breastfeeding mother is staying as healthy as possible. A mother wants to avoid any toxins or chemicals that could hinder her milk production. With these crucial concerns in mind, we created Ava Lola Organics.

We provide a wide variety of organic and natural breastfeeding products online to help mothers on their breastfeeding journey, including breastfeeding boxes, breast pads, and delicious treats.

What is Included in Our Breastfeeding Box?

Our Essential Breastfeeding Box is packed with goodies that any mother will enjoy and appreciate while breastfeeding. Want to support a new mom in your life? This box is perfect as a breastfeeding gift for a pregnant mother who plans to breastfeed to show her she is loved, supported, and surrounded by helpful resources to ease her journey.

The box includes four breastfeeding products popular in Australia. Our breastfeeding box includes two delicious treats: Mama Body Team Mama’s Milk Pyramid Tea Bags and Milk & Cookie by Jewels cookies. Both the tea and the cookies will naturally increase and help maintain the mother’s milk supply. This box also comes with MilkmaidMumma Wet Bag and five pairs of nursing pads. The wet bag design will be picked for you at random for a fun surprise. The final breastfeeding gift is a Rustic Peppermint Nipple Balm which is entirely vegan-friendly.

What Other Breastfeeding Products Are Online?

Our company provides other products to help enhance natural breastmilk flow. You don’t have to opt for a box if you just need one essential: you can buy any item in our breastfeeding box individually, too. The Milk & Cookies by Jewels cookies come in different flavours including Apple Crumble, White Chocolate & Macadamia, and Double Chocolate Cherry. Any flavour is a delicious indulgence with the added benefit of naturally promoting breastmilk flow.

Breast pads are a necessity for any breastfeeding mother. We realise through personal experience that when a mother is breastfeeding, her breasts can leak during times when she is not feeding her child. We provide different styles and options that will meet the needs and size specifications of any mother to help protect against unexpected leaks. A popular option is reusable nursing pads that offer multiple layers of protection with quality fabric. These pads are machine washable and provide comfort and security without compromising on materials or eco-conscious design.

We also offer nursing pads that can be specifically used at night. These pads are created with the intention of offering a great organic option for supporting heavier overnight leaks for women with larger breasts. Breastfeeding mothers simply need to change these pads as leaks occur to keep skin not only dry but healthy.

Choose Us for All Your Breastfeeding Products in Australia

Ava Lola Organics strives to offer only the best natural and organic breastfeeding products throughout Australia. As a company that has been developed by mothers that have their own breastfeeding experiences, we understand the needs of any breastfeeding mother. We know how important it is for breastfeeding mothers to have as many organic options as possible so they can fill their lives with healthy and supportive resources throughout their breastfeeding journey.

Please contact us today or call us on 07 5514 0765 to learn more about our breastfeeding product options.