Tips to Throw the Ideal Baby Shower with Online Gifts and Products from Australia in the Pamper Kit

Does the prospect of throwing a baby shower daunt you? What to do if your friend is soon to become a mother, and asks you to organise this wonderful party for her? In essence, she's showing you how much she values your friendship, and that she trusts you with this task. Don't hesitate, but simply accept. It's a great honour after all, and not difficult at all if you plan it well. At Ava Lola Organics, we'll help you to make it a success.

What is a baby shower exactly?

While the term "baby shower" is still relatively new, the tradition to celebrate the expected birth of a child and the transformation of a woman into a mother is much older, going back to ancient India, Egypt and Greece. The etymology of the term is uncertain too. Fact is, it's become a universal practice, and Australia is no exception to this rule.

When is the right time?

Most baby showers are thrown when the future mother has passed 30 weeks. At this stage, she's still perfectly fit for a party, and her guests can clearly see that the new family addition is on its way. By then the gender of the baby is also known. That makes it easy to prepare a list of presents and to buy decoration. As far as the time is concerned, pick the early afternoon. Many pregnant women are glad to relax in the evening.

Whom to invite?

Include mothers and mothers-in-law in your invitation. Sisters and sisters-in-law will be welcome guests too. Best friends, aunts, cousins and colleagues should figure on the list of invitees too. Traditionally, a baby shower is a women-only-event, but why should you exclude any men if you feel certain that their presence will please the mom-to-be? The most difficult part is to find out the addresses of all the guests. Start collecting the data well in time. As for the invitation itself, you can design a lovely invitation card to be sent by mail or create a WhatsApp-group to let everyone know the details.


If you know that your guests like to play baby shower games, it's wise to make some preparations.

  • Guessing games: guessing the baby's name, its gender and birth date don't require any material.
  • Baby pictures: ask the invitees to bring a picture of themselves when they were a baby, toddler or child. It's fun to see how different they've become, or uncanny how the years have hardly changed their looks.
  • Decorating onesies: permanent markers, fabric dye and lots of onesies is what you'll need for this game.
  • Tasting baby food: blindfold the future mother and have her guess what she'll be feeding her little one soon.
  • Baby Pictionary: prepare cards with the words to be drawn: diapers, onesie, breastfeeding, etc. Let one or more teams play against each other.

The place to be

The location can be anywhere: a restaurant, in a park, at the future mother's home. Often, this is a matter of taste and budget. If you're inviting everyone to the soon-to-be-mother's address, see to it that she's not left with all the cleaning up when all the guests are gone.

The baby pamper kit

One of the most important elements of the baby shower is the baby pamper kit. You can allow everyone to choose their gifts themselves, or to put money together to buy a big gift. Drawing up a checklist on beforehand helps to keep track of what everyone is going to buy. Instead of running from one shop to the other, order the baby shower gifts online at Ava Lola Organics. We have one of the biggest stocks of organic baby shower gifts in Australia. Moreover, our baby products online are Australia-made. They're guaranteed to make your baby shower a complete success.