Soft and Beautiful Baby Boy and Girl Swaddles from Australia, Available Online

Congratulations! In just a few months you’ll bring a new life into the world. Experiencing everything for the first time, they’ll rely on you for food, safety, and in the beginning, warmth. Continual contact, however, is not practical and inhibits other developmental milestones achieved in life’s first weeks. Swaddling is an age-old practice whereby a blanket is wrapped tightly around a new-born. This practice keeps them warm while the pressure makes them feel safe and helps them sleep.

Your baby girl swaddle will be one of her most used items. Tucked tightly around her, you want a material that is soft yet durable and easy to wash. What you don’t want is to buy a baby swaddle online and be disappointed by its quality upon arrival. You will get a swaddle that you’ll love and which will last throughout this precious developmental period when you shop Ava Lola Organics.

Beautiful, Premium Baby Swaddles for Australia

We’re two mums who met in a parenting class. Once we learned of the potential hazards, we made a commitment to use products devoid of dangerous chemicals and synthetic materials. We quickly learned this was a commitment easier said than done; simply finding quality products from local creators was time-consuming! With little girls born on the same day, we’ve embarked on a fun-filled journey where we can share our commitment to natural alternatives for conventional baby and lifestyle products.

Swaddling serves multiple purposes. Babies take a few days for their internal thermostat to function properly. Until then, they cannot control their body temperature and will get cold easily. The tightness of the swaddle provides warmth while retaining the baby’s body heat. When done consistently and correctly, swaddling serves as an emotional comfort for your baby, as well. Swaddles prevent babies from moving too much, which can be distracting during sleep periods. The sensitive startle reflex can keep your baby awake, preventing them from getting the rest they need to grow.

After the first month, swaddling is recommended primarily for sleep and care should be taken to ensure the swaddle isn’t too tight or restrictive. Ample room must be left at the bottom so that your child can move their legs and swaddling should cease around the time your baby is able to roll over on their own.

Baby swaddles in Australia are used for babies, their prams and carriers and serve as something familiar in an unfamiliar world. The extra-large design makes our baby boy swaddle versatile and easy to use.

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