Back to School

Posted by Manal Whyte on

Well school is back for almost all of us over the last 2 weeks. Manal was particularly excited with Lola starting at a new school and George at a new daycare. HOWEVER.... it is also the time that the kids seem to catch all the bugs going around in the classroom. 

We are both on a mission to get ahead of the dreaded flu season. This year we are back on the FLU or IMMUNITY Bomb. A great and easy combination of doTERRA essential oils combined in an easy to use roller bottle. 

The recipe:

10 drops Lemon Oil 
10 drops Frankincense 
10 drops Tea Tree
5   drops Oregano
Top up with Fractionated coconut oil  

This is rolled on the soles of their feet every morning and evening. The kids love to do it themselves as well so its SUPER EASY!


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